Track Breaking Tool

Track Breaking Tool

Track Breaking tool duplicates the Flex Edge® track design

Allows for track to freely flex giving increased maneuverability using less effort

MSRP $74.95

One emphatic customer wrote:
“My sled ROCKS now!
I LOVE it… And I wasn’t too happy with it last year.
I was pulling off carves with ease and sidehilling in both fresh AND set up snow easily.
Breaking the track was just part of it I’m sure but I think a good portion of it.
I also added the ’13 spindles and DS2 skis but I could feel the balance point being a much larger area than it was last year.
Two emphatic thumbs up.Posted ImageMy son has a heavy 2001 Yammy 700 Mountain Max and he borrowed the tool and did his track just for grins and giggles, (he also removed his bogey wheels that were outside the rails) and even he was able to MUCH more easily than before, pull his heavy, wide sled over where as last year there was NO WAY!

Needless to say, he was all grins all day! I have over 150 miles on the track in all kinds of conditions, deep, ice, groomed and there is no visible clue that anything has been done to the track except where I filled the hole with shoe goo.I asked a pretty skilled XP rider to try my sled and tell me what he thought…
After initially falling off it because he was used to having to use the wrong foot forward technique he jumped back on with his feet on either side.
You could hear the whoops and Yahoos over the engine’s sound loud enough to know he was impressed.
when he came back to where we were sitting he told another friend how “That thing initiates turns like no other” and he has ridden the XM.
After that ride and his thoughts on it I have helped another DOO XP owner do his track on his ’12.
He felt the difference right away.As I stated earlier, I didn’t really care for the sled last year but I LOVE it now!
The track is NOT the only thing I changed though, keep that in mind……I Love riding in the trees now where before I avoided them because I felt limited by the sled, not anymore!!!Do it, You will be glad you did.”