About us

Founded by Travis and Victoria Cook in 2007, Between the Lines Designs™ combines innovative talents with dedicated service. We strive to excel in the creation of new and exciting products which fill everyday needs and that serve to make life more enjoyable. We here at Between the Lines Designs™ are up nights thinking of new products for you, so visit often for updates on our ever-growing product line!

We are a family business located in Cache Valley, Utah. We strive to combine our talents of creative innovation and outstanding service to bring You, the consumer, some of the most unique and useful products on the market today. We are proud of America’s God-given values and practice them in our everyday business! GOD BLESS THE USA!

Our Business

Our name: Between the Lines Designs LLC. We chose this name because we felt it best represented our niche in the highly-competitive world of innovation.

Our innovative products and ideas are designed to fit “between the lines” of common thought and processes to better enhance everyday life. We believe that anything mechanical can be improved through a process of more careful thought and design to create a better end product for the consumer. Just because someone with high credential writes a book on a topic doesn’t mean that it’s a closed subject… there’s always room for improvement “between the lines”.

“We’re not into rocket science, we just want to make life more enjoyable with our ideas!”

What we do

We aren’t just another company with cheap, use-it-once-and-throw-it-away products. We are dedicated to providing a wide range of unique, useful products that are made with quality and pride and Patent Protected in the USA!