The innovative DuraFlex Ice Scratchers™ by Between the Lines Designs™ uses a durable steel cable in its design. We use hardened steel ends and a carbide tip. To ensure our corrosion proof design our scratchers undergo a zinc plating or “galvanization” process which further increases the structural integrity of our scratchers. Our scratchers are patent protected. Any knock-off product can only hope to stand up to our design. Our scratchers are the leading edge Scratchers on the market. With our patented design and configuration, the competition’s product can’t compare to the durability and quality of our product.

• Comes standard with carbide tips
• Ultimate engine cooling and slider lube
• Unmatched performance and weight
• Works with all reverse and non-reverse gear equipped snowmobiles
• Pre-assembled for one-bolt mounting
• Virtually indestructible zinc-plated wire rope for increased down pressure and · no coating to crack and peel
• Improved crimps for greater hold
• Hooks and stays on rails when not in use
• Knurled mounting surface eliminates spinning and loosening on the slide rail

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